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Singapore’s Kelley Aerospace sets sights on supersonic UAV and business jet markets

FlightGlobal | By: Alfred Chua | December 4, 2020

Singapore-based aerospace company Kelley Aerospace has its sights set on the supersonic air transport, with the rollout of two in-development concepts in business aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The company is also looking to create more than 250 new jobs at its Singapore base, and train around 500 pilots in five years in a new general aviation pilot aviation academy.

At a launch event held on 3 December, Kelley Aerospace shed more light on its two supersonic concepts. The first, known as the Arrow, is a supersonic UAV, designed as a carbon fibre monocoque.

Kelley Aerospace says it is in the process of constructing a prototype of the Arrow UAV, before proceeding on to flight tests with a quarter-scaled model, as a proof of concept.

Company chairman Avraham Kelley tells FlightGlobal the design is the first of its kind among UAVs. A model of the UAV — built to actual size — sits at the company’s hangar at Seletar Aerospace Park.
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Kelley Aerospace to invest $150m in projects, train 250 locals

The Straits Times | By: Clement Yong | December 4, 2020

SINGAPORE - The battered aviation industry took another step towards recovery on Thursday (Dec 3) with news that Kelley Aerospace will invest around $150 million over the next five years on initiatives, including job creation and manufacturing.

The projects will be undertaken at the company's first facility in Seletar Aerospace Park, a former military airbase that is now home to global and home-grown firms.

Kelley Aerospace said on Thursday it would train and upskill at least 250 locals to retrofit private jets and manufacture carbon fibre for planes. It is also looking to open a flying academy to train pilots for its jets.

The American firm is launching three programmes here.

One involves buying 100 aircraft by 2024 that will fly private clients around the world, with in-flight meals prepared by Michelin chef Bruno Menard.

Clients will be by invitation only for the private network, which will operate out of Singapore, South Korea, Japan and China.

The second programme is to design, manufacture and assemble unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including the Arrow UAV, which has been worked on by engineers over the past few years.

Kelley Aerospace said it is ready to move forward with a prototype, and will need to train employees to help with its manufacturing.

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Kelley Aerospace to take 250 aviation jobs under its wing; eyes S$150m investment

The Business Times | By: Olivia Poh | December 4, 2020

AIRCRAFT manufacturer Kelley Aerospace is looking to bring more than 250 locals under its wing as it moves more of its operations to the city-state, a bright spot in a turbulent industry hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also looking to open an academy to train about 500 pilots in five years.

Its programmes, if successfully based in Singapore, can contribute about S$150 million to the Republic over the next five years, the company said at a media briefing on Thursday evening.

The aircraft manufacturer, which targets the private travel space, will train and upskill the necessary workforce of aviation and composite specialists in-house. It aims to tap aviation crew displaced by the crisis to prop up its workforce.

The company manufactures carbon fibre and fabricates carbon fibre components for private jets. It also designs, develops and manufactures frameworks and components of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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